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Jack lock allen

RJ45JLB-Jack Lock with Allen
Video Instructions on Installation

Jack Lock uses


RJ 45 Jack Locks can give you the extra physical security that you need. Our customers use our jack locks in a variety of locations.
For example blocking unused ports on a switch to prvent unauthorized access.

Companies also use our RJ45 Jack Lock to prevent damage of an upgrade port on a wide range of devices.

POS customers use this device to add security to their network and help prevent tampering with credit card machines. (PCI COMPLIANT)

  • Schools
  • Government
  • Unused ports on a switch
  • RJ45 Ports not used for ethernet (Flash Port)
  • Conference Rooms



Proprietary Jack Locks

The RJ45JLP-10X are Jacklocks that are color coded with their own key. So only the red key will work on the red locks. These are great for networks to identify the ports. Red could mean bad port, Yellow could be printers and Green could identity a good port but you need to contact head of IT before adding device. Jack locks don't just stop unauthorized use of ports but can help organize your network.