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RJ45 Jack lockS

  • Jack Lock with Allen Key

    This Jack Lock blocks an RJ45 Jack using a 3/32 Allen set screw. It allows most technicians to be able to unlock the lock, but prevents people from walking up and plugging into the jack or port.

  • RJ45 Proprietary lock
  • Jack Lock with Proprietary Key

    The RJ45JLP-10X are Jack Locks that are color coded with their own key. So only the red key will work on the red locks. These are great for networks to identify the ports. Red could mean bad port, Yellow could be printers and Green could identity a good port but you need to contact head of IT before adding device. Jack locks don't just stop unauthorized use of ports but can help organize your network.


Patent Pending Lockable USB Port Blocker

This is a patent pending USB Lockable port blocker. It does not require a tool to install. All you have to do is slide the USB port blocker fully into the port, you should hear a click, letting you know that its locked into position. To remove the USB Port blocker insert the removal tool, slide it towards the center of the block out device and then pull towards you. You can reuse the lock after removal.

Patch cord Lock


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RJ12 / RJ11 / RJ9 Patch cord lock

Universal RJ12, RJ11 & RJ9 Patch Cord Lock

This Cord Lock fits on most 6 & 4 pin phone cords. This lock slides on to the cord behind the modular plug. Then you move the lock under the tab on the modular plug. To secure the lock screw down the set screw unto the cable. You tighten the set screw until it barely goes on the cord. Watch the video to see how it is installed.

RJ12 lock

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RJ45 Patch cord lock

Universal RJ45 Patchcord Lock

This Patch Cord lock fits on most patch cords. To install on Patch Cords with boots you may have to trim the boots off. There are two ways to secure this lock. First , if your Patch Cords have a strain relief, you can use the center hole to secure the lock to the strain relief of the Patch Cord. For Patch Cords without a strain relief you need to use the two outer holes. This will secure the lock to the modular plug.

Patch cord Lock


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