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Instructional video


rj 12/11/9 patch cord lock

  • Universal RJ12, RJ11 & RJ9 Patchcord Lock This Cord Lock fits on most 6 & 4 pin phone cords. This lock slides on to the cord behind the modular plug. Then you move the lock under the tab on the modular plug. To secure the lock screw down the set screw unto the cable. You tighen the set screw until it barely goes on the cord. Watch the video to see how it is installed.
  • Part# RJ12119PL
  • To add physical security to any network
  • Prevent people from moving devices
  • Prevent people from walking off with your patch cord
  • Medical Devices
  • Serial Communication
  • POS Machines
The RJ12 RJ11 RJ9 Cord Lock can be used on regular cat 3 phone cable, handst cord and flat satin cable. Serial devices still use phone cables and this is a univeral Rj12 RJ11 RJ9 patch cord lock. RJLOCKDWON sells to wholesale and distributor accounts. If you are an Enduser please click on the Buy Now Tab.