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USB Port Lock

  • Universal USB Port Lock

    This is a patent pending USB Lockable port blocker. To install it does not require a tool. All you have to do is slide the USB port blocker fully into the port, you should hear a click letting you know that its locked into position. To remove the USB Port blocker insert tool, slide it towards the center of the block out device and then pull towards you. You can reuse the lock after removal.

  • To add physical security to any network & Computers
  • Prevent people from inserting USB devices
  • Prevent people from walking off with your data
  • Medical Devices
  • Laptops
  • POS Machines
The USB lock is agreat tool to block or stop devices/people from pluging in to a USB port with out permission. Simple to install and remove. This is one the cheapest / less expensive USB lock / port blocker. We sell to wholesale and distributors. For endusers please vist the Buy Now page.